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Book early or last minute Club Lookéa with Look Voyages and enjoy the best promotions and discounts up-40%.

For bridges of 2017 holiday, leaving the sun and book with Look Voyages stays Djerba between night and 1 2 weeks.

Sample deals:

Lookéa Club + Circuit in South Tunisian 4x4 extension Lookéa Vincci Helios Djerba

14 nights: one week tour to discover the Tunisian South and a week at the beach in Djerba.

Discovery ksours, sand dunes, oases, ... a real change of scenery!

Southern circuit Tunisia

Southern circuit TunisiaKsour southern TunisiaVinci Helios Djerba

Hotel Ksar Djerba stay 4

From 469 € ttc / pers.
7 nights All Inclusive
flight + transfers + accommodation + food

Ksar Djerba

Authentic Lookéa Club Playa Djerba 4 *

Reduction 13 549,00% from € (Vol + Transport + Accommodation + Food + Animation)

Duration: 7 nights.

Authentic Club Lookéa Playa Djerba

Lookéa Club Djerba Vincci Helios 4 *

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