Transport in Djerba

To access Djerba you can go by air or by road. Djerba-Zarzis Airport is Mellita, which is 6 km from the town of Souk Houmt and between 15 and 30 about Km of hotels in the tourist area. Djerba is connected to more than 100 cities in the world especially with charter flights. By road we come to Djerba is the Romanian road, which connects the mainland is via the ferry that provides a crossing (20 minutes) between Ajim and Djorf. Coming from the north is shorter to go through the tray, but during summer vacation departures and holiday eves the wait can be very long (up to 2 hours or more).

Inside Djerba distances between cities are about to 10 20 Km. For travel, use public transport, but it's still easier taxis.


Baggage allowance on scheduled flights to Djerba

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Traveling to Djerba on a scheduled flight from France and you would know the weight allowance, or the number of your checked baggage or hand luggage. Here is a summary of requirements for major companies offering regular flights between France and Djerba Nouvelair, Syphax Airlines, Transavia and Tunisair.

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Buses in Djerba

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The central station for domestic and inter-city buses is located at Houmt Souk. Daily lines provide connections with the cities of: Zarzis, Medenine, Gabès, Sfax, Sousse, Tunis, Bizerte, ...

For routes within the island, there is a bus service to connect the different cities and to connect Houmt Souk different hotels. The frequency of buses is an average of one bus every hour and the service stops early evening.

collective taxis louages

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The Louages ​​are "taxis" connecting the various cities of the country. They are convenient and faster than transport by bus or train, but they are considered more dangerous (speeding and / or lack of sleep for some drivers).

The louages ​​the station is right next to Central Station.

Taxis in Djerba

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Taxis are the most convenient way to get around during your stay Djerba. Their price is relatively affordable: 5 10 to dinars (2 5 in euros) on average, just a little more for a ride from the airport to the tourist area. In all cases the Taxis are metered.

You will find a taxi station in the center of each city and quite easily at the airport or at your hotel.

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