A trip to two memorable in Brazil

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Brazil is one of the most beautiful destinations in South America. This country continues to attract globetrotters from around the globe thanks to its beautiful scenery and its essential nature. This region also has several large cities of interest that have never disappointed visitors. For example, lovers can start their honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro. This metropolis is known worldwide for its annual carnivals, green spaces and tourist sites, to name only Christ the Redeemer. The latter is a gigantic statue of 38 m high and is the emblematic symbol of Rio. Among the interesting places of this megacity, this building is among the busiest. This monument is placed at the top of Mount Corcovado and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

The National Park of the Chapada Diamantina, the green jewel of the country

To continue their honeymoon, newlyweds are eagerly invited to discover one of the Brazilian wonders, the Chapada Diamantina National Park. This reserve is located in the north-west of the country, in the state of Bahia. For nature lovers, it is a little piece of paradise on earth. Its territory covers about 1 500 km². The wanderers will see rocky fields and different types of forest. Backpackers can also observe various animal species such as reptiles, birds and mammals. Apart from that, it is possible to do some activities in this protected area, for example trekking, paragliding or climbing. Moreover, hiking is one of the best ways to better discover the hidden sites of Chapada Diamantina such as caves and waterfalls. Indeed, this place abounds about 300 waterfalls, the highest of which reaches the 400 m.

A romantic getaway in Bonito

To finish a romantic getaway on the bresi tourlIt is recommended that newlyweds to go to Bonito. This place is perfect to relax and enjoy a small, intimate moment. It has a landscapedgreen e, several sources, natural pools and rivers. These allow backpackers to various water activities. Tourists can practice, for example, snorkeling and canoeing in the river of Rio da Prata. They will also have the chance to go hiking in the Parque das cachoeiras or cascades center. Beyond that, it's easy to find hotels in the area because there are lots and prices range from cheap to luxurious. Furthermore, the ideal time to get to Bonito is between December and March. Between these months the river levels are high and waterfalls are gorgeous.

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Travel Directories

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Free Directory for travel and tourism sites in the world.

travel Directory a guide to travel sites and travel portals. : Stay in France .

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Discover Costa Rica and its natural treasures!

Costa Rica is a dream destination for those seeking new adventures. It is located in Central America, between Nicaragua to the north and the famous Panama to the south. Skip the Costa Rica vacation is a chance to enjoy breathtaking views. The country has many tourist places impossible, to mention that the dream beaches and national parks.

This territory is also full of natural sites like hot springs ideal to relax. These are from the famous "Arenal Volcano". Before reaching this haven of peace, adventurers will certainly cross "La Fortuna", a Costa Rican city located in the province of Alajuela. Backpackers will also be happy to photograph the volcanoRincón de la Vieja which is in the Cordillera de Guanacaste. Its highest point is called "Santa Maria" and it culminates at over 1 916 m altitude.

To fully enjoy a visit to the "Volcano Rincòn de la Vieja", you must know when to leave. The most seasonOpice to get to this natural site is between May and November. During this period, mud baths and natural pools experiencing impressive peaks of activity. Backpackers will for example have the opportunity to do a little swimming or afford a mud bath both relaxing and soothing.

Leave for Tanzania to discover many tourist sites!

Bordered by the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is in East Africa. Make a stay in Tanzania is the insurance to discover a varied fauna and a flora. This territory has several tourist attractions to name only Kilimanjaro. This massif culminates at more than 5000 m altitude. Hiking enthusiasts will be happy to climb and venture on the heights to appreciate the surrounding landscape.

Visiting Tanzania is also an opportunity to admire wildlife. To do this, travelers will only have to go to the crater of N 'Gorongoro. This tourist place is a true haven of peace where several species prosper and live in harmony. Backpackers will see lions hunting antelopes, elephants, cheetahs and rhinos.

In the north of Tanzania, there is also Lake Victoria which is a huge body of water. This destination is perfect for resting and rejuvenating far from the hustle and bustle of the city. In order to optimize a stay in Tanzania, it is imperative to visit the many parks and reserves that the country has. Tarangire National Park, Manyara Lake, and the Selous Game Reserve are the largest protected reserves in the world. But the most impressive of all the reserves is undoubtedly the Serengeti National Park. The latter is the favorite place for wildlife photographers to take pictures of zebra and wildebeest during their migration. : Best sites of the net.

Wedding Mongolia luxury in the heart of the desert:

For new couples, Marco & Vasco offers honeymoon dream in an idyllic place in the desert of Mongolia. The lovebirds can travel to the south of the country in Dalanzadgad, then about 80 km from this city to the northwest, yurts (traditional house) luxury "Three Camel lodge" await them. The comfort and hospitality of this hotel provide a complete change of scenery. Indeed, these constructions according to environmental standards

and cultural sustainable development offer a most original stay in Mongolia. An address to remember when visiting Dalanzadgad.

To make the experience more authentic, the hotel suggests various activities within the scope of the new couples' scholarships. To enjoy Mongolia's great grasslands, the guest house recommends a camel ride to admire the mid-green and semi-desert landscapes of the region. For more athletic lovers, they can take a bike ride through the dunes and enjoy moments of intimacy in the heart of a paradise nature. After a tiring day out, we can request a relaxing massage session from the professionals at Three Camel Lodge. A perfect option to relax and enjoy yourself. In a word, to spend an unusual honeymoon, a stay in the heart of the desert of Mongolia will be the must.

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Stay in Brazil, go to Fortaleza:

Brazil is known for its warm climate, its festive atmosphere, its sea with turquoise waters, its famous cities such as Fortaleza ... stay in Brazil is more than a holiday in the sun. It is also a moment of discovery, sharing and escape. Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, is one of the Brazilian states that make up the northeast region. C reputation rests on his dune landscapes, beautiful beaches not to mention the Carnival of Bahia. In addition, tourists can find in Fortaleza streets lined by rows of typical houses, colorful and inspire romance. However, they are lower than the new buildings that dominate Fortaleza. Indeed, this place known for several years a considerable evolution. Skyscrapers erected on all sides leaving a similar urban setting to that of a major American city.

Fortaleza is ideal for those who want to laze on white sand beaches in perfect heat for a tanning session. It is characterized by a good weather throughout the day. The ocean surrounding this territory is suitable for the practice of various water activities, such as kite-surfing. Located on Praia do Futuro, the Marulho is frequented by a public bath which alternates between sea and quiet resting under the coconut trees. Fortaleza is also known for its nightlife. Indeed, it is a more dynamic after dark because of cabarets, nightclubs and trendy bars of this popular place. Restaurants abound in this municipality of customers during the evening.

Top Djerba activity:

mythical destination Tunisia, it hosts every year thousands of tourists in search of sun and scenery.

Activities abound, promise holiday unforgettable we present you with some that are a must.

The beaches of Djerba

True corner of paradise of white sand and its turquoise water, you will not tire of spending your days under the parasols a cocktail in the hand and the sea in front of you as far as the eye can see!

water activity

Who says beach and sea, said necessarily activities and water sports! The diversity of activities makes the happiness of the vacationers between the kitesurf, jet ski, pedalo, diving, etc.

Excursion in the desert

Go the day or more in the Tunisian desert. In 4x4, in bivouac or during a meharee live a unique experience in the heart of a wild environment.

Visit the city

In the village of Er Rhiad, discover the Synagogue of Ghriba. Impressive white and blue edifice not to be missed has a cultural tour in the Museum of Art and tradition Houmt Souk you will discover the history of Djerba.

Well-being and relaxation

Discover the benefits of oriental millennia care in a thalasso therapy center and spa.

Fitness and massage are essential when you visit Djerba!

The website Meninx

Unusual places of Djerba, the archaeological site of Meninx is a vestige of the ancient capital at the time Roman.

Tunisia: Going on a camel ride in the heart of the Sahara Desert

The destinations to discover and the activities to be done beyond the seven seas are innumerable. Tunisia is one of those countries where adventure is always present. Known as the "pearl of North Africa", it has several tourist attractions that will leave no indifferent holidaymaker. Among its natural treasures, the Sahara is undoubtedly the most popular. This desert is the largest in the world with an area of ​​9 million km². It extends from the west to the east of North Africa and crosses countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Egypt or Mali and Sudan.

The Sahara desert is the meeting point for all adventurers worthy of the name. Its crossing is one of the most popular activities in Tunisia. Before embarking on this type of expedition, it is strongly recommended to find an expert guide in the field. In this area, camel drivers are true references. These nomads know the least secrets of this ocean of sand. With these camel breeders, globe-trotters will be able to learn "camel riding" or camel riding. Moreover, these dromedaries are the animals par excellence of the desert. They can spend days without drinking. Plus, they are very sturdy, perfect for carrying luggage.

The crossing of the Sahara can start Djerba to the oasis of Douz. They will then go through the mountainous region of Matmata. From there, they will head to the massive Djebil in the Erg Oriental where they will spend the night under the starry sky of the Tunisian desert. Theadventure continues to the oasis of Ksar Ghilane. This camel lasts between 3 and 4 days, but may vary depending on the pace of camel and tourists. Throughout this camel trek, the meeting with the nomads and their flocks is essential. And thanks to the knowledge of the camel drivers, the bourlingueurs will learn a little more about the desert and all its secrets.

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