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http://www.easyvoyage.comStay in France .

Greece stay with luxury real estate Biarritz. If you choose West Coast Real Estate, you will find real estate agents to listen to your needs but also a team that will make you share his passion for the Basque Country ..

Discover Costa Rica and its natural treasures!

Costa Rica is a dream destination for those seeking new adventures. It is located in Central America, between Nicaragua to the north and the famous Panama to the south. Skip the Costa Rica vacation is a chance to enjoy breathtaking views. The country has many tourist places impossible, to mention that the dream beaches and national parks.

This territory is also full of natural sites such as hot springs ideal for relaxing. These come from the famous “Arenal Volcano”. Before reaching this haven of peace, adventurers will certainly cross “La Fortuna”, a Costa Rican town located in the province of Alajuela. Backpackers will also be happy to photograph the volcanoRincón de la Vieja which is located in the Cordillera de Guanacaste. Its highest point is called "Santa Maria" and it culminates at more than 1 m above sea level.

To fully enjoy a visit to the “Rincòn de la Vieja Volcano”, you have to know when to go. The most prOpice to get to this natural site is between May and November. During this period, mud baths and natural pools experiencing impressive peaks of activity. Backpackers will for example have the opportunity to do a little swimming or afford a mud bath both relaxing and soothing.

Go to Tanzania to discover many tourist sites!

Bordered by the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is located in East Africa. Make a stay in Tanzania is the assurance of discovering a varied fauna and a breathtaking flora. This territory has several tourist attractions to mention only the Kilimanjaro. This massif culminates at more than 5000 m of altitude. Hikers will be happy to climb it and venture to the heights to appreciate the surrounding landscape.

Visiting Tanzania is also an opportunity to admire wild animals. To do this, travelers will only have to go to the crater of N 'Gorongoro. This tourist place is a true haven of peace where several species thrive and live in harmony. There, backpackers will see, among other things, lions that hunt antelopes, elephants, cheetahs and rhinos.

In northern Tanzania, there is also Lake Victoria which is a huge body of water. This destination is perfect for resting and recharging your batteries away from the bustle of the city. In order to maximize your stay in Tanzania, it is imperative to visit the many parks and reserves that the country has. There is among others the national park of Tarangire, the lake of Manyara, or the reserve of Selous which is the largest of the protected reserves in the world. But the most impressive of all the reserves is without a doubt the Serengeti National Park. The latter is the favorite place for wildlife photographers to take pictures of zebras and wildebeest during their migration. : Best sites of the net.

Wedding Mongolia luxury in the heart of the desert:

For new couples, Marco & Vasco offers a honeymoon dream in an idyllic place in the middle of the Mongolian desert. The lovebirds can travel to the south of the country to Dalanzadgad, then about 80 km from this town to the northwest, the luxury yurts (traditional house) of “Three Camel lodge” await them. The comfort and hospitality of this hotel provide a total change of scenery. Indeed, these constructions following environmental standards

and cultural sustainable development offer a most original stay in Mongolia. An address to remember when visiting Dalanzadgad.


To make the experience more authentic, the hotel suggests various activities that are affordable for new couples. To enjoy Mongolia's great grassy plains, the guesthouse recommends a camel ride to admire the region's half-green and half-desert landscapes. For more sporty lovers, they can take a mountain bike ride through the dunes and treat themselves to moments of intimacy in the heart of a paradisiacal nature. After a tiring day outdoors, one can request a most relaxing massage session from the professionals at “Three Camel Lodge”. A perfect option to relax and take it easy. In short, to spend an unusual honeymoon, a stay in the heart of the Mongolian desert will be a must.


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