Live the experience Djerbahood!

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Djerbahood is a manifestation ofurban art, launched by Galerie Itinérance de Paris in June 2014.

In fact, the village of Erriadh in Djerba hosted the summer 2014 artists coming from around the world and more than thirty different nationalities investing djerbien this town to realize 250 works created for the occasion.

250 the works performed by artists participating in the project involve more than 4500 paint bombs and include both individual works and collaborations!


Today, Erriadh, this authentic and traditional place, has become a space of expression for each of the artists from various cultures, a panorama of world Street Art and a must-see cultural attraction in Djerba.

In the open, Djerbahood is an experiment of what a museum of the “street Art” movement could be; designed in accordance with classical museum standards with light, scenography and a route, it stands out from urban art festivals.