Dives to the pool & the sea

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The JET CITY Club offers you a very fun diving package that should not be missed!






In fact, this package is made up of two types of dives:

- Scuba diving in swimming pools :

Baptism is the first foray under water in the pool as in the wild, you are alone with your monitor for one hour which will start by introducing yourself confidently and safely basic diving (health, equipment).

- Scuba diving in the sea, with a depth of 5m:

Together and protected area, you will realize 4 confidence building exercise, with the first sensations of weightlessness as you do will ever felt before.
You learn how to move underwater. Making his first breaths under water is a strong and unforgettable!

In the debriefing after diving, you will be presented the curriculum of our courses in order to continue this wonderful adventure in the world of silence!


Baptism: 1h to 100DT, sea and pool.




Wreck attitala: 1h to 140DT, the sea is 38m depth.

For 40 meters deep. Rarely visited this wreck is an ideal refuge for groupers and other large Mediterranean fish.



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