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Djerba is a beautiful island located in the south-east of Tunisia about 50Km north of Medenine, between the peninsulas of Jorf and Zarzis.

This beautiful island, surrounded by the azure blue of the Mediterranean, continues to attract its visitors, indeed  in summer the population of the twin island by the mass tourism that is practiced for ten years.

Shipping is charm is legendary, to the point that Flaubert wrote from Djerba: "the air is so sweet that it prevents you from dying"!

this sweet island best known for its stretches of white sand, blue beaches and natural lagoons.

It offers tourists its tranquility and friendliness to live, which makes it a perfect place to spend a vacation famous.

It quickly spread among the tourist destinations most esteemed thanks to its sunny weather, clear blue beaches and the beauty of its natural scenery.

The souks located in the narrow streets of the Medina offering different goods, there are fabrics, carpets, spices, jewelry, and several other artisanal products ...

In this area of ​​the souks, there are four religious monuments: the Zaouia of Sidi Brahim El Jemni, Jemaâ El Ghorba, Jemaâ El Trouk and the El Cheikh Mosque.

Djerba was for centuries a land of meeting between many civilizations which marked the history of the island through legends and ruins.

Today, Djerba is blessed with several luxurious hotels, clubs and leisure facilities. Its hotel infrastructure is appreciated for its performance: it has become the most important tourist hub in southern Tunisia, which continues to seduce with its adorable orchards, archaeological sites, monuments and traditional architecture.

Top 10 things to do in Djerba in 2017:

Among the tours and activities you can do in Djerba we include:

- The visits :


The Museum of Guellala.

Djerba Explore Park crocodiles.

El Ghriba Synagogue.

The Traditional Heritage Museum Djerban.

The Lalla Hadria Museum.

Fort Ghazi Mustapha.

Private tours (Tea, coffee shops, restaurants, ...).

- Activities:

Horse riding and walks in Djerba (Riding school Royal Carriage Club, Ranch Adada Djerba, Mezraya Ranch, Ranch Tanit Djerba, ...).

Cruise (Ballade Sea Ras Ermal).

Surfing and windsurfing.

Golf course.

* 4 4 tours, mountain biking and off-road.

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